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What Makes Porcelain Tile a Great Flooring Choice

What Makes Porcelain Tile a Great Flooring Choice

What Makes Porcelain Tile a Great Flooring Choice

Porcelain tile has become a very popular choice for flooring in the Toronto area and beyond.  In fact, the whole world takes advantage of porcelain tile for its affordability, versatility, and durability, among many other positive attributes.

We like supplying porcelain flooring tile to our customers, contractors, and clients because we know how reliable a flooring product it is.  We’ve worked with porcelain tile ourselves, all over the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario - so we speak from experience.  

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of porcelain tile, and why it’s a great choice of flooring material in so many applications.

Quality of Porcelain Tile


Porcelain tile has emerged over the last several years as a dominant choice of flooring material, especially where quality is concerned.  The world of construction and renovation has moved away from the traditional ceramic tile, and towards porcelain.  The reason is simple - porcelain is a higher quality choice for a flooring material.  It’s simply more durable and versatile than its main competitor, ceramic tile.  Ceramic tile is lower priced than porcelain for a good reason - it’s simply not as good a product.  If your sole determining factor in a new flooring installation is low price, ceramic may beat out porcelain.  But keep in mind, almost no one buys flooring on price alone.  If you are a contractor, for instance, when you discuss flooring options with a client, very seldom will you want to point toward the absolute “cheapest” flooring solution.  The reason is obvious - “cheap” often means “trouble down the road”.  

Porcelain Tile - a Low Maintenance Flooring Solution

One of the primary benefits of porcelain tile flooring - one that a contractor or installer should point out to potential customers - is its ease of maintenance.  In a residential or commercial / institutional flooring application, where high use or even abuse of the floor is anticipated, through high traffic, etc., porcelain is a generally excellent choice. The manufacturing of porcelain tile involves firing it at higher temperatures than other tile types.  This makes the material much harder-surfaced as a finished product.  It will stand up to higher intensity uses as a result.  This is very important to understand and make clear, for instance, when pricing a flooring project or presenting a proposal.  The result is that there is a much lower need for maintenance.  The durability of porcelain means that there will be less scratches, and no special products or materials are needed for maintenance and cleaning.

Long Life Flooring with Porcelain Tile

Homeowners, flooring contractors, builders, building managers - all will agree that porcelain tile is an excellent choice for new or replacement flooring, where quality and durability is essential.  Long life and low maintenance - that’s the great combination you get when you choose porcelain tile flooring.

We know that quality is important to so many of our customers.  The end result of the project - whether new, replacement, or a limited repair of flooring - will depend a great deal on how good the materials being used are.  Attempting to save a few dollars with a lower performing material is seldom a good idea.  That’s why porcelain tile is a good way to go - affordable and reliable, and readily available.

NextFloors is your construction and renovation materials resource in the Greater Toronto Area.  Contact us with any questions you have regarding porcelain flooring tile, or any other construction or renovation product - we are more than happy to help.

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