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Toronto Based Company 🇨🇦
Toronto Based Company 🇨🇦

Our Somi Promise

somi x habitat for humanity

Supporting Our Community Since The Start

Supporting Our Community Since The Start

Ontario has suffered from overpriced homes and limited rental market. Somi has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to provide affordable mortgages, build affordable housing, and make rental payments for those struggling.

In 2022, Somi has donated over $22,000.

We appreciate your commitment to excellence, integrity and collaboration with Habitat for Humanity.

Building Places For Dreams To Take Root

A Place to Dream – Travis and Jordan’s Story

A Place to Dream – Travis and Jordan’s Story

Travis and Jordan wanted a home of their own, but couldn’t afford a down payment, shutting them out of the housing market. That is until a friend who volunteered for Habitat suggested they apply for the affordable homeownership program. They never thought they would be approved, given the number of families struggling with housing, but finding out that they were accepted into the program months later was “the most amazing surprise ever.”

Travis and Jordan purchased their home in 2021 with a no down payment, zero-interest mortgage geared to their income and completed 500 partnership hours, a Habitat requirement.

Join us in making a difference! Every online order helps support our charitable initiatives.

0.5% of Online Order Totals goes towards Habitat for Huamnity.


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