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Toronto Based Company 🇨🇦
Toronto Based Company 🇨🇦

Biyork Floors Hydrogen 6 Midday Sunrise 7" 6 mm Vinyl

Box: 23.64 Square Feet

Go Ahead. Make a Splash
Introducing our new HydroGen series floors where WaterProof is literally at its core. Whether you choose to install this in your basement, bathroom, or kitchen, HydroGen can handle anything your home throws at it.

Walking On Air
HydroGen 6 now provides an overall thickness of 6mm, giving this floor an extra dimension of stability, durability and comfort.

Beauty You Can Feel
From the surface, HydroGen was created to mimic a natural hardwood floor. Our Innovative True Touch Texture technology gives you the feeling of a natural floor while adding a strong protective layer for wear

  • Next Generation Flooring
  • 100% waterproof structure
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Plank: 7” width x 60" length x 6mm overall thickness
  • Unilin Unipush clic system
  • Tile: 12” width x 24” length x 6mm overall thickness
  • 0.5mm wear layer IIC rating of 72
  • 80ft x 80ft Max Install Area w/o Transition
  • Stability with temperature swings of -30°C to +50°C
  • Embrace silence with an infused IXPE underlayment for maximum comfort
  • Unilin Unipush system for ease of installation
  • On, Above or Below Grade Floor
  • Compatible with radiant heat system
  • 30 year residential + 10 year commercial wear warranty
  • Indoor Air Quality Certified: FloorScore