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Toronto Based Company 🇨🇦
Toronto Based Company 🇨🇦

Grandeur Pacific Queenstown 7" 7 mm Vinyl

Box: 18.91 Square Feet

The Pacific collection of LVT is designed for convenience and functionality. Utilizing the Drop-Lock-Click system for easy installation, along with great color selection, this collection is ideal in bathrooms, kitchens, or other rooms that may come in contact with water.

Additional Details

  • Product: Queenstown
  • Collection: Pacific
  • Structure: 4mm + 1.0mm HDEVA
  • Dimensions: 182 (7") * 1240 (49") * 7.0mm
  • Veneer Thickness: 0.3mm/12mil
  • Sq feet per box: 23.90
  • Installation options: On, above, or below grade.