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Affordability of Porcelain Tiles

Affordability of Porcelain Tiles

Affordability of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile has definitely emerged as the leader in quality flooring tiles for all types of uses, including residential, commercial, and institutional.  The reason is simple: Porcelain tiles are a great, durable, fantastic looking material for just about any type of finished floor surface.  When we talk about affordability, over the long term it’s hard to beat porcelain tile - it’s a great investment, particularly when comparing to lower-price options such as ceramic.  Let’s take a look at what sets porcelain tile apart in terms of long-term value and affordability. 

The Manufacturing and Makeup of Porcelain Tile

The real value of porcelain tile lies in its manufacturing process.  There is a large trade-up in value over other tile types, such as ceramic, because of how porcelain tile is made.  The differences add up to a superior product:

A higher quality clay base - to achieve a lower water absorption rate, and therefore a higher quality finished product, the manufacturing process of porcelain tiles starts off with higher quality base materials.  It’s that simple.

Less moisture absorption makes a better tile - any type of tile, whether used for flooring or vertically for a backsplash, will inevitably be subjected to water; the ability to resist it is critical, and porcelain performs very well as a result.

A higher firing temperature - here’s the big difference.  The use of the higher quality materials allows porcelain to be heated to higher temperature.  This results in a denser finished product - and higher density is the key to lower moisture absorption rates.

Versatility of Porcelain Tile

 Porcelain tile is so widely used, all across Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the rest of the world for good reason.  We’ve just talked about how durable the product is. That’s what has made it the go-to choice for flooring applications of all kinds - kitchen, bathroom, hallway, commercial and retail settings, office and institutional uses and more.  Plus, porcelain tile is not limited to just horizontal uses such as floors.  It is also an excellent choice in vertical applications, such as backsplash and walls.

 The Long-term Value and Affordability of Porcelain Tile

When you make the comparison, you’ll find that porcelain tile ranks very well, price-wise.  Because of the quality of the manufacturing process we described above, there is a slight increase in the material cost of porcelain tile, versus lower quality options.  The payback in the long run, however, is significant - with porcelain, you get a higher performing finished surface with a long service life, and simple maintenance.  The same cannot be said for cheaper alternatives.

 Then there’s the versatility of porcelain, and the high quality of its finished look.  We've already described some of its many applications.  But it doesn’t end there.  Porcelain can be fashioned into so many colours and textures, it’s almost mind boggling.  This is where the real affordability factor comes in - with porcelain tile, you can achieve the look and performance of much more expensive materials, such as granite and marble, at far less cost.   

At the end of the day, porcelain tile wins out against both sides of the price spectrum for flooring and wall materials - superior performance to lower-priced competitors, such as ceramic, with the look and feel of much more expensive ones, like marble and granite.  We know, because we have worked with all the materials out there, including all the ones described here.  Porcelain is a winning choice, almost every time out.

Porcelain tile is definitely a smart choice for flooring and wall covering applications of all types. NextFloors is your construction and renovation materials resource in the Greater Toronto Area.  Contact us with any questions you have regarding porcelain flooring tile, or any other construction or renovation product - we are more than happy to help.


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