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Best Flooring for a Hookah Lounge

Best Flooring for a Hookah Lounge

Hookah Lounge Flooring Ideas

Hookah lounges are popular all over the Greater Toronto Area.  We have an ethnically diverse populace here, from all over the world, so it’s no surprise we have a variety of social gathering places.  Hookah lounges are no exception.

We’ve been specifically asked about flooring options for hookah lounges.  After giving it some consideration, we’ve concluded that porcelain tile floors are an excellent choice for a hookah lounge environment.  Let’s discuss a bit more.

High Traffic Flooring Surfaces Need to Be Durable

Hookah lounges are popular places for hookah enthusiasts.  It’s where they can gather to talk, drink and eat (depending on the establishment), and of course partake in the smoking of the shisha in a hookah pipe.  It’s a practice enjoyed by millions around the world - its origins are from the Arabic world, and also south Asia, although the history is so old, no one is exactly certain. One thing is for sure - now it’s spread to all corners of the globe, Toronto, Ontario, and surrounding areas included.  

Another thing about popular places such as hookah lounges - their floors take a lot of traffic.  That means a hookah lounge’s floors need to be tough, durable and also easy to clean.  That’s why porcelain tile is such a good choice in that regard.  It meets all the requirements.

Hookah Coals, Ash, and Hookah Lounge Floors

We’ve had customers particularly ask about the best flooring when it comes to the hot coals from the hookah pipes.  The coals at the base of the pipe, used to heat the shisha, frequently fall out onto table tops and also floors.  Again, we suggest that porcelain flooring tiles are great for hookah lounge and like environments, as they address the need for durability and heat resistance.  Alternatives such as wood, carpet, or other types of flooring material will simply be inferior in such a setting.  Porcelain flooring will remain unaffected by hot coals dropping onto it in a hookah lounge.  It’s also easy to clean up, should coals or ash wind up on the floor.

Porcelain Tiles on Hookah Lounge Table Tops

We’ve concluded, in fact, that porcelain tiles are also an excellent idea as a finishing or surfacing for table tops in a hookah lounge - for exactly the same reasons.  It’s a durable wearing surface, it’s easy to clean, and hot coals will not damage the finished surface of porcelain tiles.

Variety in Porcelain Tile Colours, Textures and Designs

The inside of a hookah lounge is typically exotically decorated, with beautiful Middle Eastern and Asian furnishings and accents.  One other benefit of going with porcelain tile for your hookah lounge establishment is that you can pick a colour and style of porcelain tile that fits with the look you want, while providing the durability and protection the lounge needs.

We look forward to working with many hookah lounges in the Greater Toronto area for all their flooring supplies.  They serve an important social and cultural function, and we’re happy to be able to suggest products and offer solutions to this type of establishment, or any other that needs high quality, durable flooring products.


NextFloors is your construction and renovation materials resource in the Greater Toronto Area.  Contact us with any questions you have regarding porcelain tile for your hookah lounge, or any other construction or renovation product - we are more than happy to help.

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