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3D Tiles to Give Your Walls the Wow Factor

3D Tiles to Give Your Walls the Wow Factor

3D Tiles to Give Your Walls the Wow Factor

Think of your walls as a blank canvas.  

There is so much potential there, in place of plain white (or any other bland colour), painted flat vertical surface. A trend that shows no sign of diminishing is the use of 3D tiles to make walls, or sections of walls, sizzle and jump out and tantalize the senses.  They emerged, in their newest form, just a few years ago; but textured, 3D wall tile has been around in some shape or form for decades.  But today’s offerings aren’t your grandma’s kitchen or bathroom wall tiles.  The adjectives that come to mind when discussing 3D wall tile include Luxurious, Elegant, Mesmerizing, and Classy.

Let’s have a look at the versatility and some of the spectacular options available to Toronto area decorators, do-it-yourselfers, residential, and commercial applications that this versatile style of wall covering can provide.

Some Great Reasons to Use 3D Wall Tile

They look spectacular - as we said right off the top, tasteful use of 3D wall tile gives off a striking look, whether it’s used as an accent or covers a whole wall.  Consider it interior curb appeal - visitors and occupants alike will notice.

3D tile is a great cover-up - it can be used to cover up flaws in a wall that might be otherwise difficult to work with or correct.  Not only will they liven up a room, they will correct flaws in it.

Flexibility - as an accent, 3D wall tile can transform a room or a strategic part of it.  Think of what a textured wall surface might do around a fireplace, a bed head, doorway, reception area… the list is practically endless.

Protection of walls AND fire protection - whether you are considering using 3D wall tiles in a residential or commercial setting, you can be confident knowing that they are lightweight and strong at the same time.  They also offer water resistance, and are fire resistant. It’s a fantastic combination.

Noise insulation - 3D wall tile can offer significant sound deadening and insulation qualities.

A relatively simple installation process - 3D wall tiles are not overly difficult to install; if you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, there is nothing stopping you from taking on the project yourself.  Alternatively, you’ll find lots of contractors with the expertise to do a great job on your walls with this versatile material.

Competitive in price and affordable - 3D wall tile, for all its built-in quality and spectacular finished look, is surprisingly affordable. You will find it is in line, price-wise, with other wall covering options.


Common Applications of 3D Wall Tile

Residential applications for home or apartment are pretty obvious - any room could take advantage of a dazzling splash of textured wall tiling.  Apart from that, other common uses include:

  • Conference rooms
  • Hospital or medical settings
  • Hotel and restaurant decor
  • Commercial spaces such as stores, shopping malls
  • Resorts, country club, banquet hall
  • Office decor

Achieve the Look You Want with 3D Wall Tile

Our 3D wall tiles include the Isabella Collection, a fantastic assortment that can enhance any room or application.  These versatile 12” x 36” porcelain tiles will create an exquisite effect, whether you want an understated background feel, or a bold in-your-face impact.  With styles such as Grey River, Illusion, Sand River, Symphonie, and Tropical, you’ll probably find one you fall in love with and know the perfect application or room for it.  We pride ourselves in carrying high quality products, in the most popular styles.  These 3D tiles are part of that inventory.

NextFloors is your construction and renovation materials resource in the Greater Toronto Area.  Contact us with any questions you have regarding 3D wall tile, or any other construction or renovation product - we are more than happy to help.

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