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Ontario Wide Delivery
Ontario Wide Delivery
We’re Proud of Our Selection of Quality Flooring Products and Materials, Toronto.

We’re Proud of Our Selection of Quality Flooring Products and Materials, Toronto.

We’ve been hard at work, making sure that we carry the types of flooring products and materials that are popular and in demand.  Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.  Whatever your project, we are here to help, with products and advice to make your life easier, no matter what flooring related renovation or construction project you are taking on.

We thought it would be a good idea to go through just a couple of our most distinctive and popular flooring items, straight from our product selection pages.  You know that we are big on porcelain tile - it almost always delivers superb value.  The variety of looks and textures is fabulous; contractors and do-it-yourselfers (DIY) alike have told us that nothing beats porcelain for its versatility and dependability.  

That said, there are other great choices, for floors, backsplash, vanity walls, shower areas, countertops, etc.

Limestone Tile Selection for Toronto Renovators

Limestone has proven to be a popular choice for flooring; it’s right up there with porcelain for dependability and affordability.  For example we carry:

Amalfi Storm Subway 12” x !2’ tile - for the traditional subway look of 2” x 4” mosaic look.  Whether it’s for a bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen, it’s a solid choice.

Amalfi Storm Hexagon 10.3” x 11.73” tile - this fine natural limestone comes in light grey shades, to give a sophisticated, honed finish.  When you’re looking for a decorative style ranging from classic to coastal, these soft neutral tones, in the hexagon configuration will compliment lots of colour schemes.  Excellent choice uses include backsplash, vanity walls, and more - it's a versatile choice.

Glass Accents in Tile

Professional decorators, contractors and DIY’ers alike love the idea of accents and contrasts.  This often applies to tiling.  Glass tile works as a fantastic way to create eye-catching accents and flourishes to any tile project, especially on vertical surfaces.  Note that glass tile, including mosaics,  is not recommended for flooring applications; they are a bit too susceptible to scratching.  Glass and metal combinations are also not suitable in high humidity situations, such as showers, etc.

Jeffrey Court Crystal White 12” x 10.375” tile - terrific as stand-alone pieces or they can also be used with complementing stone, ceramic, or glass field tiles. Blending products from multiple boxers will ensure a uniform look. 

Jeffrey Court Golden Horizon 11.5” x 13” - with its smooth glossy surface and high sheen, this glass stone and metal mosaic wall tile can be installed alongside stone or ceramic field tiles (which we also carry and sell separately) to create a coordinated, eye-catching look. Mesh-mounted Mosaics can be used as a whole sheet or cut to make affordable feature strips.

Be Sure to Check Our Whole Selection of Flooring Tiles, Products, Materials and Accessories, Toronto

These are just a few examples of the fine products we carry.  Our current catalogue now stands at over 5 dozen high-demand, popular products - and we are expanding all the time. We work with contractors, designers, decorators and DIY enthusiasts alike; they give us their best ideas and vision, tell us about the trends, and what they are looking for - and we do the rest.  

Thanks for taking time to read up on our product offering, and the flooring tile choices right here in the Greater Toronto Area.  We would be delighted to work with you on your next project. Contact us with your ideas, your vision, and your flooring product needs.  We are here to help. Talk soon?

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