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Toronto Based Company 🇨🇦
Top Selling Tiles at SOMI Mississauga

Five of the Most Popular Tiles and What they Cost

When you are re-modelling part of your home - whether it’s bathroom, kitchen, hallway, basement, or whatever else - there are some really creative and cost-effective things you can do with tile that very few other surface finishing materials can do.  We use the term surface because tile is not limited to just flooring.  Decorators, contractors, designers, and do-it-yourselfers (DIY) all know that tile looks great on all types of surface, both horizontal and vertical.  

We wanted to take a look at some of the most popular tiles we carry, so that if you are considering some creativity to go along with your renovation project, the surfaces represent a blank canvas you can turn into something really special.  Take a look at the following outstanding tile options for your project.

Keros Ceramic Tiles

Keros ceramic tiles offer a magnificent, understated finished look, when you don’t want to attract attention to the surface you are tiling, but at the same time, want it to make a quiet statement that complements everything around it.  A few of our popular Keros ceramic tile choices include:

Keros Sandstone Silver, 12” by 24” - this stately finish will be sure to catch the eye of family and guests alike.  It’s a great choice when you want a neutral look, or when you are planning highlights in decor that you don’t want your horizontal or vertical surfaces to detract. Like all of our ceramic tiles, it’s an affordable one, at $2.59 each, and we always ensure a generous stock of them.

Keros Sandstone Silver

Keros Belice Marengo, 24” x 24” - bold, captivating, a pastiche of both colour and accent, here’s a choice when you want the area’s surfacing to stand out.  A gorgeous mix of greys, off-whites and whites suggest an evocative skyscape.  Pick your choice of complementary decor to go with it, or a bold contrasting look.  These tiles are definitely a head turner.  At $2.89 each, they represent tremendous value. Stock is always available.

Keros Belice Marengo

Keros Petra Gris, 24” x 24” - when you are in search of a finished look that is both timeless and modern, all at the same time.  Gaze upon those intricate patterns - hues of purple, blue, melding with greys, off-whites, and whites, to create a spectacular surfacing, particularly on wide swaths of flooring.  Price at $2.89 each, they keep a truly fantastic floor make-over within economic reach, and we ensure ample stock at all times.

Keros Petra Gris


Porcelain Tile Choices

Marazzi Vita Elegante, 12” x 24” - a modern interpretation of classic stones. You simply cannot beat porcelain for quality, durability and overall value.  The colour ranges from white to dark grey, with authentic fracture lines offering a dramatic effect on any floor or wall application.  Suggesting vein cut marbles, this is a versatile, attractive tile.  Normally priced at $3.84 each, at the time of this writing, they are currently sale-priced: $1.99 each.

Marazzi Vita Elegante

Country Black, 24” x 48” - every colour has its place, including basic black, but especially so when an elegant design such as this is created.  This tile, in fact, is nothing basic - you’ll see a dazzling random splash of lines, cracks, and colour contrasts to make its installation memorable for years.  Couple that fact with the large size 2 ft by 4 ft! - and you have something both unique and practical.  At $5.99 a piece, this tile represents excellent value and style.

Porcelain Country Black Tile


A Full Line of Tiles for All Your Decorating and Renovation Needs

This is just a brief overview highlighting a few of the tiles we carry in stock at all times.  We help professionals and DIYers with great products, great prices, and sound advice all the time. We carry over 300 in stock items at all times.

We’d be happy to hear about your upcoming renovation plans.  We’re pretty sure we have the ceramic and porcelain tile products, and the expertise to help out.  Contact us.

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