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Ontario Wide Delivery
Ontario Wide Delivery
Helping Contractors and Homeowners

The SOMI Story: How We Help Contractors and Homeowners Get Inspired

We are proud to be your Home Renovation specialists for the Greater Toronto Area.  Here at SOMI, we care about our customers - which include homeowners, do-it-yourselfers (DIY), renovation contractors, home reno design professionals, and anyone else who needs expert advice and supply of home or commercial renovation products.  Our emphasis is on flooring products, especially tiles of many kinds, but we are happy to help in other areas, too.  

Our goal is to inspire and assist homeowners and contractors when they are planning renovation projects.

Our Commitment is to the Customer



We know that renovators are looking for both service and inspiration.  That puts us in a perfect position to help, because we can provide both.  Our own background is from the renovation business; we know all about the needs of contractors, DIY’ers, and designers, because we’ve done all that type of work ourselves.

This means we’ve also suffered all the same problems other renovators face with the typical construction supply retailers in the Toronto area.  We’ve experienced their lack of service, their out-of-stock tags, and their impersonal treatment of valuable customers.

We decided to do something about it, and so SOMI was born.

Our pledge to all our customers is to provide quality service and products throughout.  Take a look through our product listing, and you’ll see a wide range of flooring and tile products - and accessories - all designed to help you get the project done, on time and on budget.  But it doesn’t end there.  We also provide good, solid advice, based on our own experience and expertise in home renovation.  We’ll help you with the visioning process, with ideas, and examples of our own successful projects with our loyal customers.

Personalized Service with Flooring and Tile Solutions for Every Type of Renovation Project

Take a look at some of the posts we’ve done on our Tile Journal blog.  You’ll see that we go out of our way to make sure the customer leaves satisfied.  People ask for our advice all the time, and we are more than happy to provide it - whether it’s for a hookah lounge’s flooring, developing budgets for a total home reno project, or a comparison of different flooring surfacing solutions.  

To be perfectly blunt - try getting that kind of attention at a big-box store - it simply doesn’t exist the vast majority of the time.  That’s why so many of our customers come to us - again and again - for our personalized service, commitment to quality, and competitive pricing.

Going Out of Our Way to Help Home Renovators

Helping Home Renovators with SOMI

We are proud of our large inventory of in-stock home renovation products, with a focus on flooring materials and accessories.  But at SOMI, it doesn’t end there.  We are happy to help with any kind of query or renovation challenge you may have.  If there is a specialty product you need, we’ll go out of our way to try and find it for you.  If you have a special application or situation with regard to a renovation, we’re always ready to listen and help.  Chances are, we’ve already faced the same situation, and have a solution or suggestion to offer. Whenever we can, we try to make it a one-stop shopping experience for our customers.

Shop Home Renovation Products Online or Shop in Person

Shop with SOMI online or in person at your convenience

We knew there was a need for a responsive, customer service based home reno supplier for the Greater Toronto Area.  That’s why we decided to go both ways - in person and online shopping.  We’ve tried to make your online experience with us as simple and efficient as it can possibly be.  But we are more than happy to meet you in person, and discuss your needs, show you samples, or do anything else we can to create another satisfied SOMI customer.  That’s our commitment. We know how important your renovation project is to you - and we would be pleased to help you with it.

We hope you’ve found the SOMI story interesting and informative.  Tell us about your home renovation needs - we are here to help. Contact us.

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